Confident Mabuza votes and issues stern warning to opposition, independent candidates: ‘Don’t fool the people’


There is no way independent candidates can help the people, the provincial leader of the ANC in Mpumalanga David Mabuza told journalists after voting on Wednesday.

He said it shocked him that other people were still voting for other political parties that contribute nothing to society “except giving you a salary”.

“People don’t understand. If I’m an independent, what difference am I going to make in the municipality. I’m an independent, I can’t control the budget, I can’t control anything. Nothing, except you getting a salary every month. That’s all. What else? You have deceived the people,” Mabuza said in front of journalists at the Lincoln farm in Barberton.

He said the ANC was the only party that was on the side of the people and the youths needed to remain in the ANCYL “until their time comes when we step down and they lead.”

“I’ve never seen something that has been started on the basis of anger succeeding,” he said, “You can’t start a party because you are angry. Probably you should wait a bit until that anger cools down and then you make a conscious decision.

“These ones because of anger, and there is no basis of being angry because all of us we are free, they form these parties, some are independents and really it will be difficult for an independent to offer services’’.

Mabuza said he expected a ‘100% win’ in Mpumalanga and didn’t see his party settling for a coalition in any of the municipalities.

“I’m expecting to be above 80 in all of them. If I can tell you, in Nkomazi I’ll be above 90, Albert Luthuli [municipality] I’ll be above 90, ehh, in Bushbuckridge, 85 Mbombela 86,87. The lowest that can come is Victor Khanye, probably 70.”

Mabuza voted at exactly 9am and spoke to journalists for close to an hour before he lit a cigarette and got escorted away to his house, just two kilometres away from the Lincoln farm voting station.

(edited by ZK)