Mpumalanga EFF leader blasts voters who queue at ANC party agents, says ‘that’s not IEC office’


Lack of education causes voters to queue at ANC party agents, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters said on Wednesday after casting his vote.

“Look at them. Standing in that queue for what? That’s not IEC office,” Sedibe said to the voters who were enquiring from ANC party agents whether their names appeared on voters’ roll.

“Those are not IEC people. Go inside. IEC door is there,” Sedibe said, pointing to the White River community hall.

He voted at around 9.40am before being forced to go to the White River Police Station where one of his fighters was detained after violating IEC rules on voting station demarcations.

When asked how much of the total votes the EFF hoped to win he said: “We go to elections in order to win all wards. All wards we will win,” Sedibe said.

(edited by MM)