SACP: ANC must deal with issues raised during door-to-door campaigns

The South African Communist Party in Mpumalanga has called on the ANC-led alliance to deal with the issues raised during door-to-door campaigns “in order to improve services to people”.

In a statement released on Saturday, the SACP said when celebrating the ANC alliance “should be concerned with yet again a decline in our percentage”.

“We need to reflect on what went wrong for such decline in a traditional ANC home like Mpumalanga,” the party said.

In Mpumalanga as a whole the ANC got 70% – a decline to its 2011 78% victory. The party said it was inspired by Chinese socialist founding father Mao Zedong.

“We must not become complacent over any success”, the party quoted chairman Mao in the statement. “We should check our complacency and constantly criticise our short-comings, just as we should wash our faces or sweep the floor to remove the dirt and keep them clean”.

The best way to celebrate, and “be true to ourselves”, the party says, “is to advance the people’s interests”.

The party then wished all elected ward councillors “well in their tenure” but reminded all them that whatever they do “should serve the people not individuals”.

“They must know that they remain servants of the people and whatever they do, should be to serve the people not individuals.”

(edited by ZK)