Local newspaper journalist reacts to Mpumalanga murder of Afrikaner youth after police ‘avoid evidence’


An Afrikaner journalist working for a Middelburg community newspaper, in Mpumalanga, has used last week’s edition to write about how police did all they could “to avoid the mountain of evidence” following the murder of Afrikaner youth, Pierre de Necker, last month.

In the article, titled ‘Getting away with murder – the story of how there might never be justice for Pierre,” journalist Jana Boshoff said de Necker was beaten to death by a mob in the streets of a suburb in the town of Belfast, “also in front of witnesses,” she wrote.










“De Necker, stole a car and the owner gathered his friends,” said Boshoff – who is with the Middelburg Observer – “and they managed to trap de Necker in a street where he was dragged from the vehicle and beaten to a pulp. Not given a hiding, not taught a lesson, his brain was physically beaten to a pulp.”

“The mob had no intention for Pierre to ever recover from the attack. Although everyone knows who the people involved in the attack are, no arrests have been made,” she wrote.

The 24-year-old de Necker was killed on the second week of last month and few days later four men, including the owner of the car which was allegedly stolen by de Necker, were arrested but the prosecutors at the Belfast Magistrates Court decided not to charge the four for de Necker’s murder.

“In fact, it seems the Belfast police have done all they can to avoid the mountains of evidence and have pinned all their hopes on the possibility that one of the parties involved will admit guilt or implicate one of their friends,” burst Boshoff.

The newspaper didn’t indicate whether Boshoff’s article was a personal or editorial opinion piece but it was appeared on its website as ‘updated’ breaking news.

“All is not well in the small town of Belfast. It is not normal for two murders of young and vibrant young people to be committed in such a small town in such a short span of time,” she wrote, referring to the murder of Cindy Swanepoel who was shot “at point blank range in front of witnesses” last year October. The Belfast police had since arrested Oscar Ndlovu and charged him with Swanepoel’s murder.

(edited by MM)