‘ANC councillors should be equipped with revolutionary education’ – ANCYL


Councillors serving the people of South Africa on an ANC ticket willhave to be equipped with revolutionary knowledge so that they are not”swallowed by the state” when they get elected into government, theprovincial executive committee of the ANCYL in Mpumalanga hasresolved.

The league’s provincial upper structure in the province is new. It waselected during the league’s July congress and on Tuesday this weektook this resolution in what they say was its “first ordinary meeting”.

Provincial secretary Pholoso Mbatsane said: “The meeting took place atthe most crucial time of our revolutionary struggle, overriding on thechallenges of the moment facing our movement as a result of the recentlocal government elections and broader South Africa society. Theoverall electoral decline will require that the broader revolutionaryalliance embark immediately and courageously on a strategy tore-energise our structures and supporters. This will require seriousand robust collective retrospection within the movement itself”.

He said recent government election results didn’t mean it was now theend of the ANC as they believe that the ANC remains “the hope of thevast majority of South African society, black and white, particularlythose who are still trapped in poverty and other social illness”.

“We emphasised on the importance of education as our only strategictool to pursue the transformation agenda,” Mbatsane said.

“A special resolution was taken that all young councillors mustfurther their studies as they resume their council duties to equipthemselves with the necessary knowledge and we resolved to hold youngcouncillors summit to make sure that we revive their revolutionaryconsciousness so they do not forget their responsibility as deployedcouncillors of the ANC and get swallowed by the state,” he said.

Mbatsane was elected provincial secretary of the league at the 11thprovincial congress of the ANCYL in the Mpumalanga province on 10thJuly 2016, Tim Mashele was elected chairman, he is deputised by Trevor Nkosi while Sonto Mnguni was elected Mbatsane’s deputy and Sam Masango electedtreasurer.

The ANC in Mpumalanga won 70% of the votes, a decline to its 2011 78% victory.

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Mbatsane said Mashele made a political input during the committee’smeeting at the ANC’s Mbombela headquarters and “made criticalassessments on the contemporary political dynamics using the outcomesof the local government elections, particularly the electoral declinewitnessed by the ANC”.

He said: “The constitutional exercise performed by the PEC has setthe organisation on a fully operational mode to discharge itshistorical and existential obligations to service our branches throughpolitical classes and other duly political responsibilities ofinfluencing the broader political discourse”.

The league is expected to hold its provincial general council thiscoming Sunday in the province’s eHlanzeni region.

Mbatsane said they will be engaging their structures in this weekend’sgeneral council on the ANC’s recent local government electionperformance and “discuss possible solutions to identified problems”.

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