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SBV security puts R1m bounty on gang who robbed guards

HALTED: SBV securities want anyone with information to call them on 083 408 7029 and grab R1m. PICTURE News24.com

SBV security company was still looking for the approximately 15 men whorobbed their guards of money during a heist in Mpumalanga this week,013NEWS learnt on late Thursday .

The person who answered the company’s phone hotline said the men werestill being sought and an amount of R1m has now been put forth by thecompany for any information leading up to their arrest.

The money taken by the men is not disclosed by officials as part offighting crime in this sector. “We haven’t found them,” the hotlineagent said, “investigations are still continuing,” he added.”Goodbye,” he said.

SBV Guards were ambushed by a group of men while they were transporting cash to Bushbuckridge on Tuesday morning this week.

Culcutta police in Mpumalanga told media that a grey Mercedes Benz driven by the men hit the guards van when it was approaching a speed hump in Mkhuhlu, forcing it to stop.

More men got out the car and fired R5 rifles at SBV guards who were inside the company van, before others came to quickly climb onto thevan’s top and then blew it open using explosives.

Three of the SBV guards were injured during the explosion but duringshoot-out with guards one of the thugs was also shot but he managed toflee.

The robbers made their getaway in 3 cars – a black BMW and a white Toyota Fortuner and another vehicle.

Anyone with information should call the cops on 082 469 2569 or the SBVhotline number 083 408 7029.

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