Mabuza and his 10 MECs discuss intervention in ‘township economy’

UNLOCKING GROWTH: A Mpumalanga provincial executive meeting on Wednesday touched on various issues, including interventions in the development of township economies. PICTURE BY Caxton

A Mpumalanga provincial cabinet meeting discussed interventions in ‘township economy’,  spokesman Zibonele Mncwango said in a statement.

He said Premier David Mabuza and his 10 MECs discussed lack of funding in township businesses as one of the key problems and put forth measures to “stimulate the market value chain of the township economy”.

“The executive council welcomed the township economy revitalisation initiatives by the department of economic development and tourism and Mega – the Mpumalanga  Economic Development Agency,” Mncwango said.

He said the initiatives by the province’s economic development agency and MEC Eric Kholwane’s economic development department were aimed at increasing the pace of economic development in the townships.

“Key challenges faced by participants in the township economy include the lack of appropriate operational infrastructure, poor access to markets, restricted trading spaces, logistical constraints, unequal provision of municipal services and lack of funding.

“An amount of R10 million has been set aside for the refurbishment of the industrial premises for warehousing and manufacturing,” said Mncwango.

“A further R40 million has been budgeted for the year 2016-2017 to subsidise selected flagship projects such as tyre   manufacturing, sanitary towels, linen and clothing production initiatives, production of cleaning materials and bakery initiatives undertaken with the economic development department,” he said.

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