Secunda artist who performed 50/50 with Mandoza honours him in new album

PAYING TRIBUTE TO A LEGEND: Pura will in December release an album in honour of the late kwaito legend

A quite talented local artist who was once asked by the SACP in Mpumalanga to release a single honouring slain leader Chris Hani has released a new album.

In the album, called Andacarpet and to be launched in December 2016, the developing eMbalenhle muso honours fallen kwaito star Mduduzi ‘Mandoza’ Shabalala who died a month ago.

Mandoza died of brain cancer on 18 September 2016 at the age of 38 on his way to the Charlotte Maxeke hospital in Johannesburg.

Shabalala’s health had worsened in 2016 after being diagnosed and treated with brain cancer a year ago and had since been experiencing breathing difficulties associated with a tumor affecting the normal functioning of the Medulla Oblongata.

Kuwait Legend Mandoza. PICTURE: Drum
Kwaito Legend Mandoza. PICTURE: Drum

In the track, called Nkalakatha and which is a tribute to him, Nkululeko ‘Pura Mashankura’ Nyembe from Secunda in Mpumalanga looks back at the hits and work of Mandoza and “celebrates it”.

He explained: “The reason I decided to write, record and insert the song in the album is because late last year I had the privilege of meeting Mandoza in Daveyton and I felt very sad when I heard he has passed away.

“In Daveyton, it was the All Star event organised by some producers and local club owner and I was booked to come perform. Mandoza also was on the list and he came and performed.

“So when we performed, I was the one who performed first and there was this single song of mine, called Sonke Singama VIP, which I performed at the event and Mandoza liked it.

“When it was his turn to perform, he asked me to perform with him the song he did with Mdu Masilela, called 50/50, and I was doing the Mdu Masilela part and the crowd and Mshengu really loved it”, Pura told 013NEWS on Saturday afternoon.

“After that we exchanged contacts and we arranged we would do a remix of Sonke Singama VIP. But after that when I called I was told he was not well and I hoped he would get better so that we would work but unfortunately that didn’t happen,” he said.


Pura, who now owns his own studio and employs 8 artists, including Lekwa FM’s DJ Mzwezwe, has released four albums since 2009 – first one called Return of Kwaito in 2009, second one called Uzothi Ngasho in 2012; Uthando Lwe Kwaito in 2014 and Umona last year.

“This year’s album is called Andacarpet and this time I’m singing about myself and my own life, the things I do and unlike in previous [albums] where I sang about the things around me, now it’s me. What I do and et cetera. Very nice music,” he said.

His singles are playlisted on radio stations across the country, including on Ikwekwezi FM and his music videos are being played quite often on Soweto TV.


Two years ago, Pura released a single honouring South African Communist Party leader Hani after being asked to do so by the provincial communist structure.

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