‘It’s unheard of that an NEC member would tell us what he’s going to say in an NEC meeting’ – Ndlovu

The provincial secretary of the ANC in the Mpumalanga province is concerned about NEC members who go public about things they would ordinarily say in an NEC meeting.

He says it has never occurred that a member of the party’s national executive committee would divulge the things he would raise in an upcoming sitting of the party’s NEC.

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Mpumalanga provincial secretary Mandla Ndlovu addressed journalists at the party’s provincial headquarters in Mbombela this week following comments made by the party’s chief whip in parliament, Jackson Mthembu, with City Press over the weekend, that President Jacob Zuma and the whole NEC should step down.

Ndlovu said Mthembu was supposed to raise those issues within the meetings of the NEC than tell the public.

“He is serving in the highest structure of the ANC (the NEC) and that highest structure is expected to assist all of us.

“He has got a platform in the national executive committee to raise any matter,” he told journalists at the boardroom of the party at Che Masilela house.

He said people who were members of the NEC had the right to say anything they liked within its meetings and “there’s no nobody after a meeting who is going to come to you and say ‘what it is that you were saying’, no.”

“We are all free to speak our mind. So comrade Jackson has got an opportunity just like any member of the NEC.

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“It is unheard that a member of the NEC would tell us what he is going to say in an NEC meeting. It is wrong that before the meeting of the NEC we also know his view that he is going to present in the NEC,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu said other than that it was the national elective congress next year and “they must allow the ANC to prepare its conference as it is not right for individuals to move around calling on people to resign”.

“If you think you cannot be able to serve our people in the NEC you can step down alone but you can’t say as I resign other people must also resign.

“We are not going to prefer charges but history will judge him,” Ndlovu added.

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