Ndlozi spits fire in coffin assault case

THEY LOOK DOWN ON US BECAUSE THEY STILL HAVE OUR LAND: EFF Spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi addresses supporters outside the Middelburg magistrates court. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL

The only thing that the leaders of the ANC know is to steal money from the people and not to protect them from the brutality of racist whites.

That’s according to EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi who was addressing scores of supporters during the bail application of the two white men who allegedly beat up a black man, set petrol on him before putting him inside a coffin, threatening to set him alight.

The incident was captured on a video clip that circulated on social media the whole of last week, resulting in the arrest of Theo Martins and Willem Oosthuizen.

“The greatest violence is precisely not to return our land and the leaders of this country are cowards; all that they know is to steal the money of the community,” Ndlozi said to a thunderous applause from scores of EFF supporters outside the Middelburg Magistrates Court.

“ANC leaders are able to steal money from the community but not to protect the community from whites who want to kill us,” Ndlozi said.

“They are not able to protect us from pains and all types of miseries that we are faced with, only steal money,” he said.

“They can’t protect us, the only thing they know is sell South Africa to the Guptas,” Ndlozi said, to further thunderous applause.

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He said the only way black people can gain lost dignity in South Africa is through ownership of the land, which he said is where whites get the power to be racist towards blacks.

“White people continue to look down on us because they still have our land,” he said.

”We don’t care about white people. It’s not about them, we just want our land,” he said.

He said blacks needed the proof to show that this was their country.

“Even the RDP houses that the ANC builds for you don’t even have title deeds.

“We want our land back. We want the capacity to call this place our home and the reason why whites continue to be violent, and look down on us they are not afraid to see black people as if they are nothing because all of us here we still meet here as if we are visitors in our own country. It can’t be,” Ndlozi said, adding the only thing “that is going to bring dignity to blacks in this country and that will make white people respect us is if we get back our land”.

On Tuesday municipal spokeswoman Prudence Magutle told 013NEWS that the EFF had failed to submit the required documentation and therefore had not been granted permission to picket.

However by 8:00 the EFF had already set up its stage truck outside the court and its supporters where beginning to gather in their numbers in front of the courthouse.

The court case was attended by scores of people from the three major political parties – EFF, ANC and DA – as well as multitudes of journalists.

The matter has been postponed to 25 January 2017 and both Oosthuizen and Martins remain in custody after they withdrew their bail application, citing reasons that they were fearing for their lives.

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