Mbete condemns ANC gate-keeping



ANC national chairwoman Baleka Mbete has used this year’s January 8 statement to call for the unity of ANC members, condemning party gate-keepers.

Mbete was addressing the ANC’s 105th birthday celebration at the Mbombela stadium in Mpumalanga over the weekend.

She said the enemy that all members should fight was unemployment, poverty and inequalities in South Africa.

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Calling it “revolutionary discipline”, Mbete said all party members should make it their tasks to build the organisation, “foster greater unity” and “participate in campaigns building national solidarity”.

“The people have told us we are busy fighting amongst ourselves and not attending to their problems,” she said.

“Today our movement faces serious challenges to reach unity,” Mbete said.

“Gate-keeping and manipulation of internal processes exist at all levels of the ANC and if we cannot solve these we won’t unite our people,” she told a fully packed Mbombela stadium.

“The only fight we must fight is unemployment, poverty and inequality,” she said.

She said the ANC has to use “the levers of state power” to transform the economy.

“Now it’s time to return the land our people,” she said.

Mbete said there were programs in place to address the ‘stolen land’ issue but that they needed to make this more radical.

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