Event to mark Lily Mine collapse cancelled

An aerial image of the sinkhole that remains after the ground collapsed on 5 February 2016. PICTURE BY Barberton Times

The Vantage Goldfields has postponed the planned event to commemorate the day of 5 February, to a date that is unknown.

The company’s Rob Devereux said the decision to cancel the Sunday’s event came after they received information that there were people who wanted to disrupt the event.

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Devereux said they simply wanted to hold a prayer service and not make it a political event.

“We planned it to be a religious event,” he said.

“But with these threats, we decided to get another date,” Devereux said.

The YCL in Mpumalanga said it was “inhumane” to try and commemorate the event instead of making plans to get the bodies and pay reparations to the victims.

“We discussed it with the families and they agreed it would not be safe to hold the service,”  Devereux added.

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