SACP says NDR ‘on brink of collapse’

The South African Communist Party in the Mpumalanga province has slammed the ‘looting’ of state resources by a “parasitic bourgeoisie,” saying this poses a threat to the struggle for an equitable society.

The SACP over the weekend held an open provincial executive committee extended meeting and said they believe “foreign tendencies” that have “engulfed” the ANC-led mass democratic movement pose serious threats to the aims of the national democratic revolution.

“These tendencies; institutionalised factionalism, slate politics, arrogance of power and the influence of money, among others, have brought about corporate capture of the state and the movement,” the party said in a statement released on Monday this week (20 Feb).

“This is underpinned by looting of public resources by the parasitic bourgeoisie, such as in the case of the Eskom-Tegeta deal,” it said.

“And the only way to defend, advance and consolidate the revolution is commitment by revolutionary left forces and unity of the working class to confront these threats”.

The SACP said factions prevent the ANC-led alliance from achieving the second phase of the national democratic revolution.

“We are calling on the ANC to dissolve all factions,” the statement read.

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“We reaffirm that we are in alliance with the ANC, COSATU and SANCO and not with any faction in the stated organisations,” the party said.

“And this impacts negatively not only on the ANC but also on the alliance,” it said.

The SACP of Bonakele Majuba who has not been seeing eye to eye with leader of the ANC in the province David Mabuza until an Alliance Summit a year ago said they welcome the “newly found unity in the province”.

“As the party we have always been striving for that unity but unity must not be reduced to a talk show at public platforms; it must be principled unity based on a common programme.

“The provincial Alliance leadership must assist the convening of all regional summits before the end of March 2017,” the party declared.

The two-day provincial communist meeting was open to leaders of the party and its alliance partners at regional and provincial level.

“Unity does not in any way mean that the SACP loses its independence to implement its adopted programme of action and campaigns on the release of reports on KaNyamazane and political killings.

“We must unite in fighting against corruption and looting of public resources.

“The SACP will intensify its work in this regard,” it said.

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“Our strategic enemy is, and will always be, monopoly capital. Its colour does not matter, whether Black or White or White and Black.

“Liberation will not be complete unless our national resources and wealth are at the disposal of the people as a whole and are not manipulated by sections of individuals, be they Black or White,” the statement read.

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