EDITORIAL: What is your meaning in life? Seven rules of self-leadership



What is leadership? A leader is a person who can take the action of leading a group of people or an organisation.

Are you a leader? Follow these seven principles and find out if you are a leader….

  1. Goal-setter: Set goals for your business and in your life. Do not start with “I might want…” or “Maybe I would like”…

Your goals must be SMART:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Realistic

T – Time-based

My goal was: When I reach the age of 30 I do not want to wear a name-tag again. What does that mean? I used to be a sales person for a company running up and down in a shop and was selling products.

2.  Decision-Maker: When is the right time to become an entrepreneur? There is no answer to this question but ensure that you reflect on your decisions and that your goals are in line and achievable.

3. Be the first: Be brave enough to make the first step, volunteer in this exciting venture. You must be able to understand that you might fail or fall down, but get up, straighten your crown and go on. Don’t give up because of rejection or partnering with the wrong people.

Nelson Mandela once said “Nothing is impossible until it’s done!” Be the first!

4. Integrity: Tell the truth and do not promise the blue out of the sky. Be humble, curios and just love what you do.

5. Rejection: Reject pessimism and have no tolerance for negativity in your venture.

6. Learn: Learn not only how to start a business, learn how to love your business and add extra services or products into your portfolio. You cannot only stand on one leg. Sometimes your core business does not bring in the main money anymore but the other products deep in your drawer can be your cash cow.

7. Care: Care for your business partners, employees the same way you care for your family. At the end they are your family too as you will spend most of the time with them. You might become friends with them but always separate business and friendship as humans tend to misunderstand your generosity and friendship.

*Spautz is a serial entrepreneur and a co-founder of 013NEWS