Masango says youths ‘now qualify’ to have own department, minister, MEC

The treasurer of the ANCYL in the Mpumalanga province was reacting to the budget speech delivered by Economic Development MEC Eric Kholwane and was speaking to 013NEWS on Friday mid-day on the sidelines of the Taking Legislature to the People in Middelburg.

ANCYL provincial treasurer Sam Masango has slammed Economic Development MEC Eric Kholwane’s budget speech, saying the provincial budget was “too old” and didn’t cater for young people.

Masango was speaking to 013NEWS on Friday (17 Mar) after Premier David Mabuza had addressed the legislature at the Themba Senamela stadium in Middelburg.

Kholwane delivered this year’s budget speech at the same Themba Senamela stadium on Tuesday (14 Mar).

The Mpumalanga legislature has been with the people of Mhluzi at the Themba Senamela stadium from 13 March 2017 and concluded on 17 March 2017, with Mabuza addressing the house in the open and responding to the issues raised by the community during the week-long legislative outreach program.

Masango says youths 'now qualify' to have own department, minister, MEC

Taking the Legislature to the People program at the Themba Senamela stadium. PICTURE © MfisoDIGITAL/MLM.

Masango said they appreciated that legislature was being taken to the people but wanted both Parliament and the legislature “to take young people seriously” by making sure that the Youth Parliament that takes place yearly now happens quarterly “to allow [for] the opportunities of young people to find exposure” and in order to be able to “follow up on all the resolutions that were not implemented since the dawn of the Youth Parliament”.

“We felt that the budget was too old and that it spoke more to the interests of old people.

“From where we are sitting, we want to see the government putting more money in the interest of young people and we don’t see a clear 40% indication across municipalities, across departments and recently we said we need a minister of youth, an MEC of youth, an MMC of youth, don’t cloud youth issues, we want a stand alone department,” Masango said.

He said young people, given that they form the majority of people in the province, “now qualify to have our department”.

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Masango said if the government was to take young people seriously, Kholwane needed to put aside “R1bn to R2bn” for youth “directorates”.

“We cannot be co-opted in a mini department under transversal, we are not a transversal pressure point in our society. Our unemployment and poor rate is above sea level,” he said.

He said during the provincial general council a week ago they took the resolution that they longer no need the RDP houses.

He said people would now have to get empty stands and build [their] own houses “but how are we going to do that if we are unemployed?” he asked.

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