Truck-driver dumps 600 fake takkies

The police were busy with a stop and search near a petrol garage.

A truck driver has reportedly offloaded over 650 takkies near a road in Lydenburg.

Cops said the incident took place on Friday mid-day after the man heard there were cops ahead doing stop and search.

Police found fake cigarettes and 676 pairs of fake sneakers abandoned on the Lydenburg-Rossenekal road but the offloader had disappeared.

“We received a tip-off about a suspicious activity where the driver of a truck was seen busy offloading a number of boxes next to the Roossenekal road in the bushes,” spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said.

“And police immediately rushed to the scene where they found 10 boxes wrapped in black plastic.

“Upon opening the boxes and examining the contents, police found counterfeit sneakers as well as 1 040 packets illicit cigarettes,” said Hlathi, adding police investigation continues to find the man.

(edited by ZK)

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