‘Don’t interrupt learners!’ Angry Mabuza lashes out at Marite parents

He visited the area following the torching down of schools in protest for tarred roads


An angry Mpumalanga Premier has lashed out at the parents of two Marite schools in Bushbuckridge for stopping their children from attending school for the past two months,demanding tarred roads in their area.

Premier David Mabuza held separate meetings with the parents of the two schools on Tuesday this week (28 Mar) and instructed that all the learners as well as the teachers should return to school as from Wednesday(29 Mar).

The Premier assured them they would be safe as the police would be deployed throughout Bushbuckridge to ensure that no one was stopped from going to school.

He urged the parents to be responsible and allow children to go to school, saying the police would deal with those who will intimidate the learners and teachers.

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Mabuza said some few suspects had been arrested after they were found in possession of the computers stolen from the schools.

“We are going to re-open all the schools tomorrow (Wed),” he said.

“We will not run away from our schools because of the criminals, this country will never be for criminals.

“Let us allow our children to go to schools, it is their right to do so, parents should not interrupt our children from getting their education,” said Mabuza.

Mhaule condemns torching of Marite school

TORCHED: Lamulelani High school was burned on Mon in protest demanding roads. PICTURE BY SAPS

The parents publicly told the Premier that they purposely blocked the learners from going to school because they wanted a tarred road.

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They said they did not know who torched the schools but suspected the criminals in the area.

The Premier explained that the provincial government would prioritise the revamping of the schools than the tarred road, which they were demanded, would only be built next year, as it was not budgeted for.

He added that the revamping would continue while learning and teaching was taking place, as too much time had already been lost due to protests.

'Don't interrupt learners!' Angry Mabuza lashes out at Marite parents

Mabuza inspects what remains of the charred school in Marite. PICTURE BY Zibonele Mncwango

“We have too many needs, yet our resources are limited, therefore we must utilise them sparingly,” he said.

“It is unheard of that parents would deny their children a good future, by stopping them from accessing education because they are demanding the tarred roads.

“These children are the future of our country, we must do anything possible to help them get educated.

“That is why as a government we are even paying for their education. I have heard your complaints, the tarred road will only be built next year, therefore do not stop our children from going to school,” he said.

*Mncwango is the communication manager in Mabuza’s office.