Kgoshi warns against illegal initiation schools

BEWARE: Kgosi Mokoena has warned communities to be careful of illegal initiation schools. PICTURE BY Caxton Media.

The chief says they are working with cops to ensure the safety of communities.


Chairman of the Mpumalanga provincial house of traditional leaders, Kgoshi Mokoena has cautioned communities to exercise safety measures during the ingoma (initiation) practice.

He says this rite of passage by young initiates to adulthood is a significant cultural practice that needs to be accorded respect and dignity, and therefore safety measures should be considered to prevent unintended consequences.

Mokoena says the provincial house of traditional leaders is working jointly with sector departments in pursuit of an incident-free iNgoma season.

“We are working with law enforcement agencies and health practitioners to save lives.

“Community awareness programmes will be implemented to mobilise them against illegal activities of the iNgoma practice,” he said.

“We are leaving no stone unturned in minimising fatalities that come with unsafe iNgoma practices,” Mokoena said.

“We will embark on vigorous community awareness programmes regarding unlawful initiation schools, kidnapping and ill treatment of initiates, in an attempt to stop inhumane acts,” he cautioned.

Kgoshi warns against illegal initiation schools
Initiates attending iNgoma. PICTURE BY SABC

Mokoena advised all initiation schools owners to comply with the Ingoma Act of 2011.

The Act regulates amongst others, a:

(1.) Permission to attend
(2.) Duration of the Ingoma
(3.) Prohibition of force attendance
(4.) Fees
(5.) Inspection at the Ingoma

Mokoena encourages parents to ensure that strict health precautions are adhered to before sending their boys to Ingoma.

*Mthethwa is spokesman in the department of co- operative governance and
traditional affairs.