Catching fire: Ford recalls Fiesta STs

Following the Kuga catching fire last year and being recalled, the company has now targeted its Fiesta models.

The Ford company has announced they will roll out a safety recall campaign on their Ford STs.

It said there were ST owners who were also affected – when their cars also caught fire.

The company’s Jeff Nemeth said the focus now was on fixing the STs and making sure they were fitted with coolant level sensors.

He said the Fiesta vehicles that also caught fire and like the Kugas has a problem with coolant circulation, which resulted in engine overheating.

When an engine overheats, the cylinder head cracks and this results in pressurised oil leaks, that then comes into contact with the hot engine surface.

The coolant level sensors are expected to be available soon and customers will be informed when they should book their vehicles in for the repair campaign.

“The safety of our customers is our top priority, and the expansion of the safety recall is being rolled out as a precautionary measure on the Fiesta ST,” said Nemeth.

(edited by ZK)

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