Python in Spar fridge raises suspicion


Social media users say it’s ‘fishy’ that a cold-blooded animal would choose a refrigerator as a hideout.

A 4-meter python found inside a supermarket refrigerator in Mbombela on Saturday has raised eyebrows.

Social media users questioned whether it was possible that a snake would want to hide inside a fridge.

Manager of the Komatipoort Spar where the snake was found, Martie Esnouf, said she suspected it could have came through the roof as the Spar supermarket was situated next to a bush.

She said the area has a lot of snakes.

Python in Spar fridge raises suspicion

“It got stuck in the fridge,” Esnouf told News24.

“It could have come through the roof or the drains, we have a lot of bush behind the shops, and there are snakes there,” she added.

It will now be released to the Kruger National Park area after being observed, said Esnouf.

She added: “When a snake ends up in the fridge, its organs start shutting down and it could take up to 48 hours for it to be back to normal”.

But social media users questioned whether it was possible that a snake would go to a fridge.

“How does a huge snake like that make its way into the store and ultimately into the fridge unnoticed?Something fishy here,” – said Gabriel Lekgau on Facebook.

“It belongs to either the owner or the store manager, if not then its that scary supervisor that intimidates every worker in store, – said Luvo Mugabe Jnr Ndlumbini.

“I wonder how did it crawl on a tile and when because at night they lock the doors and during the day it’s just busy at the super market, it could have been seen,” – said Fikile Queenefe Mahlangu.

“Nothing like that ever happened before no, that is a really magic u think we don’t know how the magic works. The owner of the shop something behind he must just tells us the true because you can’t get even the Lizard in the shop hey,” – Gift Dospan.

“That’s normal ,in Vanderbijlpark pick n pay there is a yellow python and it’s not dangerous. The owner must avail themselves,” – said Nkwenkwezi Bhekimpi Mtokwana.

“SPAR Manager said they are situated in Nkomazi near Nelspruit in Mpumalanga Lowveld & there is a Bush outside surroundings therefore it is suspected that the Python snake might have came thru the roof or thru drainage system,” – said Prince Mcbride.

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