Trevor Nkosi spits fire at radical economic transformation assembly

Trevor Nkosi spits fire at radical economic assembly
ANCYL Mpumalanga deputy chairman Trevor Nkosi says the exploitation of young people by government will no longer be tolerated. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

He said the African National Congress will have to fire its veteran Sipho Pityane.

Gert Sibande ANCYL leader Trevor Nkosi has called on ANC leaders to do the right thing lest the youth would inherit a very shattered ANC.

Nkosi was speaking during the league’s Radical Economic Assembly in Badplaas on Sunday afternoon (9 Apr).

“Comrades the way things stand it seems like we have two ANC NECs in this country, and we will have to correct that unless we won’t have an ANC when we grow and reach that stage,” Nkosi told the ANCYL crowds at the Badplaas’ Manzana cultural centre.

“The other one is a bogus NEC and is convened by few members of Parliament who want to see themselves in the next ANC NEC after December 2017 and we want to remind them that we have only one ANC NEC and it takes orders from Luthuli House and not in Parliament,” Trevor said, to thunderous applause.

“And this tendency of ANC senior members to wake up in the morning and call media briefing is annoying comrades,” Trevor told the league members.

“If they have got problems they must go to Luthuli House, not grandstanding in the media.

“These old people have accumulated a lot of wealth and now they want to kill the ANC in the public domain and that is very wrong,” Trevor said.

He said that if Anglo Ashanti chairman and Save SA leader Sipho Pityane was still a member of the ANC the ANC would have to fire him.

“This man has already started his own political party and the only thing he does now is to tarnish the image of the ANC,” he said.

He proceeded to take a swipe at the ANC government, saying what it was doing to young people was unfair.

“If you are a young people and want to do a business with the government they will give you a catering of R5000 and tomorrow they will tell you that ‘we have empowered you’ and that’s unfair, for us it’s a high level of exploitation,” he said to applause.

“We’re tired of R5000, the cost of living is very high comrades,” he said.

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Trevor said a new ‘Gert Sibande TV’ will have to be established as well as the construction of the Gert Sibande airport and stadium and “jazz festival like the  Macufe one”.

“That should happen so that we can create job opportunities for our young people,” Nkosi said.

“Comrade chair, I’m ashamed to tell you that none of these young people sitting here is a millionaire – after 23 years of democracy we’re still poor and we don’t know where do the millions from our government go to because it’s us who should benefit from our ANC government’s money because we defend and campaign for our ANC government day in and day out”.

He said 26 April 2017 is a national shutdown, all mines will experience it because they don’t want to employ “our people” and CVs will be submitted “because municipalities won’t employ everyone.

“Stop telling us we should march against the President of the ANC, we want our wealth, we want our land and that’s what we will march for,” he said.

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