What Ndumiso Mokako said at the ANCYL’s radical economic transformation assembly in 12 quotes

ANCYL NEC member Ndumiso Mokako. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL/MLM

The Gert Sibande ANCYL had its Radical Economic Transformation Assembly at the Manzana cultural centre in Badplaas on Sunday (9 Apr)

Speakers at the rally were the chairman of the ANC in the Gert Sibande region, Muzi Chirwa, ANCYL Gert Sibande leader Trevor Nkosi, ANCYL deputy president Desmond Moela and ANCYL NEC member Ndumiso Mokako.

Nkosi was there to answer the question of ‘Youth Empowerment’, Chirwa ‘Organisational Renewal’, Moela ‘Role of the ANCYL’ and Mokako was there to answer the question of ‘What is Radical Economic Transformation?’.

013NEWS brings you what Mokako said in 12 quotes.

1.) ‘The idea of the economic transformation is an idea of the ANCYL which we won in 2011’.

2.) ‘When we speak of radical economic transformation we speak of a program that will help change the colour of poverty, unemployment, underdevelopment from being black and the colour of wealth and privilege from being white’.

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3.) ‘So comrades this radical economic program can only be achieved if we change the way in which property is managed and owned in South Africa. It can only come when we change the means of production and how they are owned’.

4.) ‘Radical economic transformation doesn’t mean getting a mall. It is about getting factories to produce and create jobs’.

5.) ‘We will march to PIC and demand that PIC must not take the pension money of our parents and build malls. They must take that money and build factories and create jobs’.

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6.) ‘For us radical economic transformation is about development and any form of development must come to the township’.

7.) ‘We can’t still have black people with the small salaries they get, they must still pay transport and white people with a lot of salaries they walk or drive a kilometre to work’.

8.) ‘By radical economic transformation we mean that you procure locally produced goods’.

9.) ‘It still puzzles me why chairperson [Muzi Chirwa] you still use Vodacom as your service provider yet you know that Vodaphone is owned in Britain, yet we’re saying that we’re waging a war with monopoly capital and they are sponsored by imperialists and we know that the imperialist’ hub is in Britain and the US. Comrades, Telkom is South African mobile, we must use Telkom’.

10.) ‘We want our land back. There’s a lot of land in South Africa that is owned by foreigners who only see the land they own on Google maps. That land must come back South Africans’.

11.) ‘Radical economic transformation is about insourcing services of the state. Building state capacity. The most scandalous issue that has ever hit the ANC is the issue of CPS and that scandal was caused by the involvement of private capital in services which are supposed to be delivered by the state’.

12.) ‘We must make sure that our own comrades are able to deliver services without outsourcing’.

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