Protesters rob truck-driver of money in broad daylight

Protesters rob truck-driver of money
A screen shot of the driver being robbed by protesters.

His money is taken in broad daylight.


A video clip showing what looks like protesters on the Mpumalanga N4 road robbing a driver of a heavy good truck has been released by the company.

The company truck has a camera inside and the video has now been given to police crime intelligence to trace the men.

In the video, the group of men who are carrying sticks first threaten the driver.

They then take things from the truck and also what looks like a T-shirt and the driver is seen taking out his wallet and giving them money.

One of the men slaps the driver in the face.

After the ordeal the driver proceeds as if nothing happened, taking out his phone and calling his manager.

The video was posted by the group called ‘Crime Intelligence and Community Awareness’ on Youtube.


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