South African Airways needs our voice

South African Airways needs our voice
South African Airways chairwoman Dudu Myeni. PICTURE BY Ole!Media

When finance ministers suggest that questionable people ‘fix’ the South African Airways and offer a privatisation deal, then the agenda unfolds.

Shane Schüller


In 2017 Alf Lees, DA spokesperson on finance, stated the DA’s long-held view that Dudu Myeni was not fit to be the chairperson of SAA or any other board.

The DA was ‘concerned’ about the R1.16 billion fine that SAA was ordered to pay. His financial concerns would make perfect sense if he had his facts in order, but clearly he does not. He stated this;

“This R1.16 billion financial blow to SAA means makes it highly unlikely that the current state guarantees will be enough to enable SAA to both pay the massive award to Comair and to keep the airline afloat and the airplanes in the sky.”

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Why was SAA ordered to pay?

The South Gauteng High Court awarded a R1.16 billion settlement to Comair in its case against SAA in respect of its travel agent incentive schemes, which was found to be anti-competitive. Comair and Nationwide Airlines accused SAA 14 years ago of implementing an incentive scheme to travel agents that kept the agents loyal to the state-owned airline and excluded competitors, a violation of the Competition Act.

In 2006 The Competition Commission reached settlement with SAA to end the practice, but Comair pursued litigation nonetheless.

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Note the timeline 14 years ago. Let’s do the math.

In 2009 Dudu Myeni was appointed Non-Exectutive Director at SAA, and December 2012 – December 2015 the Acting Chairwoman of SAA, and then became Chairperson SAA by January 2015 (when she assumed office). That is 8 years ago when she became involved with SAA, so how can the DA claim she is unfit or attempt to hold her accountable with this case that goes back 14 years?
Then it all makes more sense, that aha! moment that reveals his, the DA’s, agenda when he stated this…

“The minister of Finance can no longer procrastinate. It is now time that he remove Myeni from the board of SAA. Minister (Pravin) Gordhan must now also announce that SAA will be privatised,” see that?

It’s clear to me there’s a plan remove her because of an agenda.

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She was even named called a bully by EFF politician Floyd Shivambu.

But how credible are those who accuse this woman?

In 2012 when Dudu Myeni was appointed chairperson of the board, 8 of its 14 board members simultaneously resigned, including the company’s then chairperson Cheryl Carolus, why?
When Gigaba appointed new skilled board members with expertise, She stated this.

“The board has just become untenable, our reputation and professional integrity had just been dragged through the mud without any clarification or support, and I believe this had reached a point where the relationship has been broken irretrievably.”

She not only sounds bitter but I’m sure her positions in the following companies had some influence. What about the fact that her term at SAA was during the competition commission findings and so why is the DA not pointing fingers at her?

In 2013 to present Cheryl Carolus chairs Sibanye Gold Ltd, the same company that CEO Neal Froneman said President Zuma “has to go”
In 2009 to present became the Independent Non-Executive Director at Gold Fields Ltd, a mineral resource companies which seems to have something against the president. I guess when laws threaten them, they have reason to seek his resignation.

In 2014 CEO Monwabisi Kalawe accused Dudu Myeni of corruption. He actually paid R150k for FAKE documents showing her secret foreign bank accounts worth €18.5-million. The documents were proven FAKE.

Forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan, former SAA CEO Monwabisi Kalawe and Mogale City COO Abednego Mbulawa have been charged with using forged documents in a bid to get the airlines chairperson to resign.

In 2016 Paul O’Sullivan appeared in court on on charges of contravening the Immigration Act, found with several passports in a hope to fly to London with his daughters when the Hawks arrested him. He faces four other charges which he is fighting in court: A Bramley case of fraud and extortion, a Rosebank case of kidnapping, the immigration case, and a Kempton Park case of extortion, fraud, and intimidation. Do you see my point?


Deified Minister Pravin Gordhan wanted Dudu Myeni out of SAA. He also instructed the Board of SAA to allow the controversial American consulting firm, Bain & Company, to “turn around” SAA by privatizing 25% of it.

In 2000 Coleman Andrews of Bain & Company sold SAA aircrafts then leased it back through foreign companies that were linked to him. He bankrupted SAA but was able give himself a R200 million “hand shake” for less than two years work.

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So where was the DA Party when these scandals went down?

Why have they not said anything in 2002 when CFO Richard Forson was negotiating with Boeing and European Airbus on $1.5 billion (note dollars) new aircraft upgrade? considering a loss of R735 million in the 2001 financial year.

Read it here, see if you see a DA spokesperson making a hoo-ha about it.

It’s clear to me that Dudu Myeni’s is a victim of character assassination and the only logical reason, is the ongoing agenda to privatise the state-owned airline. When finance ministers suggest that questionable people ‘fix’ the airline and offer a privatisation deal, then the agenda unfolds. What is troubling in all this? It is that he seems to align with the opposition party and therefore I must wonder who’s side he was on all along. The fact that all these people have no credibility, the lies, bitterness and accusations contradicted by timelines, is reason enough to dismantle the DA

Dudu Myeni must remain at SAA to remove the thugs.

Schüller is an investigator of truth who finds it intriguing that its answer are always to be found in poverty and nowhere else.