Here’s the memorandum of the SAA cabin crew

Here's the memorandum of the Cabin crew

Workers say situation has not improved in past years and wished management can meet these needs. The following is the memorandum of demands.

Cabin crew matters have not been attended to by SAA Management for a very long time.

These issues have been ignored and are not taken seriously by the company.

It is clear that our working conditions are not improving at all, while we as the Cabin Crew Members are giving our best and have won several awards for SAA.

We demand the following:

  1. Implementation of the new and ready roster system.
  2. Issuing roster rules booklet to each cabin crew member.
  3. Cabin crew salaries regraded in line with the work load risk factors
  4. Meal allowance increase negotiation ASAP as it has been outstanding for 7 years.
  5. Confirmation of rebate tickets for cabin crew operating flights.
  6. Leave flexibility.
  7. Payslip audit and work group.
  8. External study on crew fatigue which is causing a high sick rate.
  9. Full compliance to the Health and Safety Act.
  10. Cold galleys and cali to be fixed as this is causing a hight sick rate and a huge cost to the company.
  11. Decent, well maintained crew parking with cameras and lighting at night.
  12. Agreements to be adhered to.

We demand a response and a plan of action within 7 days.

It is our aim and goal to work in a manner that grows SAA and ave a good working force that will take SAA to a higher level.

Cabin crew have been patient but now we have had enough.

-South African Cabin Crew Association-