YCL takes aim at Sibusiso Sgudla

YCL takes aim at Sbusiso Sgudla
SGUDLARISING MUNICIPALITIES: Mpumalanga ANC strongman Sbusiso Sgudla has irked the ire of young communists. PICTURE BY Caxton News


The young communists say the powerful ANC politician has ‘collapsed’ all municipalities.

The young communist league in the Gert Sibande region has taken a position that challenges what they say is the ‘Sgudlarisation’ of the ANC and its government.

Regional young communist leader Ayanda Mashaba delivered the YCL’s message of support during the commemoration of the life of the late husband of transport deputy minister Sindi Chikunga – Peter Chikunga.

Peter was an anti-Apartheid activist who lived in the Mpumalanga area of Elukwatini, near Swaziland and died in the early 2000s.

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SACP provincial leader Bonakele Majuba delivered the keynote address during the commemoration on Sunday mid-day at the Elukwatini Stadium.

Mashaba said as YCL they have been observing the ‘collapse of municipalities’ in the hands of ANC provincial executive committee member, Sbusiso Sgudla.

“Down with Sgudlarisation of the movement, down!”, he said, to which those who attended replied: “Down!!!”

“There’s one family in the Gert Sibande region and if we must talk about the Gupta, we will talk about our own Gupta in our region,” Mashaba said.

“We are saying reduce the powers of Sgudla now!” he said while on stage.

“When we were on the ground campaigning for the ANC [during elections] we were not campaigning for it to enrich Sgudla and his children,” he said to thunderous applause.

Sgudla is believed to be one of the most powerful politicians in the Mpumalanga province.

Nicknamed ‘Deputy Premier’ or ‘The Great’, others in ANC corridors even go as far as saying that Sgudla, who lives in Ermelo, is the most powerful after provincial leader David Mabuza.

This is not the first time the YCL called on the fall of Sgudla.

During its Bua Thursday in Amersfoort late last month, the communist league pronounced the slogan to the community members, ‘Down with Sgudlarisation down!!!’.

During the Chikunga memorial gathering over the weekend, ANC regional executive committee member Walter Mngomezulu delivered the ANC’s message of support and took aim at what he said was the deliberate dividing of the African people.

“But we’re not surprised at all this because we know that it originates from the period of Apartheid colonialism and our fight is against this system.

“As Africans it is customary to us that during this time we return to our ancestors, uBaba Chikunga, to ask for wisdom,” Mngomezulu said.

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