Norah Mahlangu: Mabuza should be president

Norah Mahlangu: Mabuza should be president
HE MUST TAKE OVER: Nkangala ANCWL chair and arts & culture MEC Norah Mahlangu-Mabena says the people of Mpumalanga must push for D.D Mabuza to become the next president. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

The MEC told community members that in the whole country there’s no one like DD.

Mpumalanga art and culture MEC Norah Mahlangu-Mabena has weighed into the succession debate of the ANC, saying now is the time everyone [must] comes out and push Premier David Mabuza to be the next President.

She said Mabuza had delivered a lot of services to the people of Mpumalanga, including building the Mpumalanga university.

Mahlangu-Mabena spoke to community members attending the Africa Day celebration at the Manzana cultural centre in Badplaas.

“There’s no leader who had delivered like Mabuza here in Mpumalanga and in the whole South Africa,” she said.

“Why can’t we get him to lead us nationally and do the same things for the country that he did for us here in Mpumalanga,” said Mahlangu-Mabena on Monday morning (29 May).

“I’m thinking that it is us residents of Mpumalanga who have to speak in a very big voice and say ‘we saw the Premier here building a university for us and a traffic college and we saw him opening for us the fresh produce market in Mbombela, and have you seen a leader creating such a place [fresh produce market] for his people?'” she asked, to which the community replied: “No!”.

“So why can’t he take over?” Mahlangu-Mabena continued.

“Because if he takes over there won’t be a single boy who will stand there and challenge him, everyone will see his good work and say we go with you Mabuza,” she said.

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Mahlangu-Mabena is the ANCWL chairwoman in the Nkangala region.

The event, attended by Chief Albert Luthuli mayor Dan Nkosi and other local government officials, was supposed to be addressed by Mabuza but then he didn’t and instead sent his MEC, Mahlangu-Mabena.

She also called on the local elders to teach their children morals and return to roots in order to avert teenage pregnancy.

“We’re very much proud as Mpumalanga, South Africa and Africa that the types of xenophobic attacks we previously had, have now calmed down and our people begin to understand the need to unite as people,” she said, adding that African countries like Tanzania and Swaziland used to accommodate ANC anti-Apartheid activists “and we also know that the remains of Gert Sibande are still in Swaziland”.

“Those countries used to hide us during those Apartheid days when it was difficult,” she said.

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