Beyond the twin tasks of the ANCYL

Beyond the twin tasks of the ANCYL
UNITY AND COHESION: Gert Sibande ANCYL regional spokesman Thulasizwe Thomo. PICTURE Supplied

The ANCYL is not opposed to change, what it believes in is continuity which will accommodate and include young people.


The historic mission or the primary existence of the ANCYL have evolved to be defined as twin tasks, which is to mobilise and rally the youth behind the African National Congress (ANC) and to champion the interests of young people of South Africa.

However, besides advancing these twin tasks, the ANCYL is considered as a political school that prepares,nurtures and moulds young lions to be better leaders particularly when assuming positions of leadership in the ANC.

Therefore, as this generation, guided by the aforementioned principles, folding our arms in Badplaas (Manzana) this coming weekend (9 -10 June) in the ANC 7th regional conference would constitute disengagement with our primary mission and we would be deliberately rejecting and abandoning the struggle of young people.

It’s therefore precisely for these same principles that we unshakenly and unambiguously remain firm in our political quest or call that, the upcoming ANC regional conference should at least be able to absorb 7 if not 10 young people into the ANC leadership ranks from the current crop and from those that have led before us in the ANCYL of our region.

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We, but still publicly announce without fear, that as the ANC Youth League in Gert Sibande region, we reaffirmed with confidence our stance and position in the leadership of comrade Muzi Chirwa and that of comrade Audrey Maleka both as regional chairman and secretary respectively .

The ANC needs unity and cohesion than ever before and they are both capable to drive us to that revolutionary destination.

We are not opposed to change. What we believe in is continuity, continuity which will be accommodative and inclusive of young generation.

The factionally embedded political mosquitoes masquerading as former ANC, ANCYL 2008 generation and alliance partners, who are on daily bases plotting from an unclear mist to disrupt and criticise ANC leadership, other meeting at Nehawu offices in Ermelo, targeting particularly both the chairman (comrade Muzi) and secretary (comrade Audrey) in an attempt to belittle them, won’t be allowed to exercise intellectual monopoly on the affairs of the ANC.

These attacks we know are not that innocent, but funded to destabilise, discredit and assassinate the individual characters of ANC leaders and to further threaten the unity of the alliance.

We however wish the ANC in our region a successful 7th regional congress, which will be highly characterised by transparency, democracy and incidents free.

We know the ANC will emerge more stronger and united after this conference.

Victory is certain! Aluta Continua!!!

*Thomo is the spokesman of the ANCYL in the Gert Sibande region.