Chevron’s skills development for the disabled

Chevron's skills development for the disabled
ABLE: Petroleum giant Chevron says this program will equip people living with disabilities with skills that will allow them to compete for jobs on an equal footing. PICTURE BY NAMPA.

There are so much obstacles that prevent people living with disabilities from getting jobs or being empowered economically.

Petroleum supplier Chevron has embarked on a skills development programme to help people living with disabilities get job.

The company called on other companies in the energy industry to come together and assist black people living with disabilities.

People who are interested can go through the company’s website and apply for the learnerships.

Chevron SA is an affiliate of Chevron Corporation, the world’s second largest energy company, owners of Caltex.

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“The programme is specifically designed to develop people living with disabilities and to provide them with real work experience so that they are able to compete for employment within different departments at Chevron South Africa and across the industry,” said Llewellyn van Aarde, the company’s learning and development manager.

“This year, Chevron is hosting two learners for their workplace experience.

“Both learners were placed in the Customer Services department, working in the call centre. Mentors within this department regularly review the learners’ portfolios of evidence to ensure that they cover all the required elements for their workplace experience,” van Aarde said.

Statistically, there are 2.8 million disabled people, of which less than 1% make up South Africa’s total workforce.

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