Ngrayi Ngwenya launches attack on journalists

Ngrayi Ngwenya launches attacks on journalists
FED UP: eHlanzeni ANC chairman says members must be aware of the media bias that always attacks black people. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

He said all that journalists know is to expose the little achievements of blacks as corruption while ignoring the deeds of whites.

eHlanzeni ANC chairman Ngrayi Ngwenya has launched a scathing attack on journalists, accusing them of being biased in their reporting.

Ngwenya, who was re-elected to serve for yet another term as leader of the ANC’s second biggest region in the country, was delivering his closing address to delegates at the end of the elective conference on Sunday mid-day.

He said journalists were quick to take photos of the luxurious homes of Africans but failed to do so on those belonging to whites.

“Why don’t you take photos of the houses of whites?” Ngwenya asked.

“We want to see them,” said Ngwenya to thunderous applause.

“I can’t build myself a double-storey [in the township] because if I do they will be the ones who will come and take photos of it and put it in the papers and say that I’m corrupt.

“There was a time when I was attacked in the newspapers that a certain woman was my girlfriend and was getting tenders. What’s that? Is there anything wrong if my girlfriend is doing business?” asked Ngwenya.

“Just because I’m a chairperson my girlfriend should not do business, why?” he said, provoking laughter from delegates.

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He was re-elected unopposed on Saturday night as well as his deputy Sibusiso Mathonsi.

Secretary Phazamisa Mathe was also re-elected unopposed as well as his deputy Nathaniel Mashile and treasurer Momotho Thumbathi.

Ngwenya also slammed Cosatu and EFF for following the DA in calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down.

He said it was wrong of the reds to be influenced by DA in their political approach.

He also told delegates that they support provincial leader David Mabuza to take over as the ANC’s deputy president when the ANC convenes its 54th elective congress in December 2017.

“And this thing of people telling comrades that if you are a deputy president you will automatically be the president is wrong,” he said.

He said if the ANC was about making the deputy president automatically the president or deputy chairperson automatically the chairperson “there wouldn’t be contestations in the ANC”.

“So we should stop misleading each other comrades,” said Ngwenya.

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