‘Guptas are our enemies’ as youth

'Guptas are our enemies’ as youth
REGRETFUL: Young communist national secretary Mluleki Dlelanga says they regret being in alliance with ANCYL who are preoccupied with slate politics. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

Though there are other threats to the ANC’s revolution for a better life for all but the Guptas remain an immediate one.

The Gupta family currently remains the number one enemy of the young people of South Africa, the YCL has said.

Young communist league leader Mluleki Dlelanga told communist supporters and members at the league’s Youth Day rally in eMalahleni on Sunday afternoon (18 Jun) that young people need to roll up their sleeves and fight those who are selling out the struggle for a better life.

“Yes, monopoly capital is our enemy but the Guptas are the immediate threat to the revolution,” he said.

“They are the enemy of the youth of this country, they are the enemy of the good and development of young people,” Dlelanga said.

He said the current non-racial democracy was fought hard for and many people died in the process but all has been sold to the Gupta family.

“Comrades,” Dlelanga screamed. “We must fight those who betray our revolution,” he said.

He said young people who are not connected do not have a place “to the good and development” of their country because of the Gupta’s capturing of key ANC leaders.

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ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and SACP leader Blade Nzimande were expected to deliver the ANC and SACP’s messages of support at the YCL rally but both didn’t come, sending apologies instead.

The ANC’s message of support was then delivered by ANC NEC member Aaron Motsoaledi together with SACP central committee member Madala Masuku who delivered SACP’s message of support on Nzimande’s behalf.

Dlelanga told those who attended the rally that as the YCL they regret being in alliance with the current ANCYL leaders who he said are “preoccupied with slate politics” and do nothing for young people.

Without mentioning them by name, Dlelanga said: “You heard young people speaking about slates and who must be on the slates, they are not talking about the problems facing young people and what must be done.  We regret as the YCL to be in alliance with some youth leaders who when they speak their mouths are full of curry of the Guptas and can’t speak issues affecting young people. We regret being with those”.

SANCO’s Phakamile Thwala delivered the civic movement’s message of support and called on the YCL to assist SANCO in its campaign for deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa to succeed President Jacob Zuma.

“We have taken the resolution in our provincial congress that we will convince the communities that comrade Cyril Ramaphosa be the one who leads the ANC. As an alliance partner we have an interest in who leads the ANC,” he said.

'Guptas are our enemies’ as youth
Phakamile Thwala. MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

“Therefore as SANCO we are asking the YCL to support us as we campaign for a proper leadership in the ANC because we see that the ANC is at a risk of being stolen,” Thwala said at the rally.

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