Sama Yende: My book doesn’t say anybody killed anyone

Sama Yende: My book doesn't say anybody killed anyone
DISTORTED: Newly published author of Eerie Assignment, Sizwe Sama Yende, says his book is clear and doesn’t implicate anybody in the assassinations of people in Mpumalanga. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

This follows Vytjie Mentor’s video clip posted on Facebook which states that Eerie Assignment documents how Premier David Mabuza used to hire ruthless assassins to kill his business and political rivals.

Eerie Assignment author Sizwe Sama Yende says his book is gravely distorted.

He says it is not necessarily true that Eerie Assignment details how Premier David Mabuza used to hire assassins to target and kill those he deemed a threat to his business and political ambitions.

Sama Yende was speaking to 013NEWS on Wednesday afternoon and said those who say his book implicates anybody in any criminal activity have not read it.

A week ago former parliamentarian Vytjie Mentor released a video clip on social media. In the video Mentor says Eerie Assignment speaks of just how dangerous the President Jacob Zuma’s allies are.

“It’s called Eerie Assignment,” Vytjie said.

“It documents how on numerous occasions he (Mabuza) hired hitmen to kill those that were either in competition with him in business or in politics, how he had discarded of those bodies, how he kept money and he paid those hitmen and interestingly those hitmen moved between Mozambique and South Africa through Mpumalanga, ” Mentor said in the video.

Sama Yende: My book doesn't say anybody killed anyone

But Sama Yende said it was really a cause for concern that the book has been distorted that much.

“Long before Vytjie Mentor released the video, there have been people quoting lines from the book in order to get people to interpret it the way they want,” he said.

“The book is not saying someone killed people,” Sama Yende said.

“I’m appealing to people to please read the book.

“The book is clear that allegations were allegations and if you read it from the first page to the last page you will understand that it doesn’t say anybody killed anyone,” Sama Yende told the 013NEWS reporter on Wednesday.

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“The best way to understand what the book is about is to read it from page one to the last page. There’s nothing wrong with quoting lines from the book but you must understand it,” he said.

Sama Yende writes of his experience as an investigative journalist working in Mpumalanga while Mabuza was the provincial ANC and government leader within the past 10 years and publishes a number of old newspaper articles.

In another chapter, Sama Yende publishes a signed affidavit by one Josh, who alleges he was hired to kill politicians and whistleblowers by poisoning and gunning them down, under Mabuza’s command.

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