Mashaba plans to evict ‘a scary number’ of foreigners in Joburg

Mashaba plans to evict 'a scary number' of foreigners in Joburg
CRACKING THE WHIP: City of Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba says it's not the role of the city to take care of the world. PICTURE BY Citizen

The mayor is calling on all international aid groups to come take care of those foreigners who will lose their shelters when his planned evictions begin.

Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba said a planned evictions of foreigners in the city of gold is because city resources are too limited to cater for the millions of foreign nationals who live in the city.

“It is not the role of the city to take care of the world,’’ Mashaba told the media

“[Eviction] is coming,” he said. “It’s a scary number,” he added.

“I have made it clear we will look for the owners of these buildings,” he said.

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“If we can’t find them, we as the city are going to expropriate them and offer them to developers to build,” the mayor said.

Mashaba, a DA councillor, was elected the city mayor after the 3 August 2016’s local government elections.

He has been vocal about deporting undocumented foreign nationals and has been criticised as ‘xenophobic’.

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