Guptas, Duduzane and I are no friends, says Mabuza

Myself, Guptas and Duduzane are no friends, says Mabuza
I DONT KNOW THEM: Mpumalanga premier David Mabuza says although he hitched a ride on the Gupta's plane to Russia, he doesn't know them. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL/MLM.

The EFF’s Alfred Skhosana asked the Premier some very hard questions in the legislature.

Skhosana: Honourable Premier, EFF is reliably informed that from Moscow in Russia to South Africa you were given a lift by the Guptas in their private jet whilst you were critically ill in your four months absence. However, this statement was corroborated by the spokesperson, Mr Zibonele Mncwango, in an interview with City Press newspaper.

Furthermore, it is stated that the Guptas are planning to launch a local newspaper that will portray you as good leader that is delivering in Mpumalanga. This whole exercise will then put you in a favourable position for the contestation of the leadership of the ANC in December national conference. What is your relationship with Guptas and Duduzane Zuma?

Mabuza: I have no special or personal relationship with the Guptas. I do know Mr Duduzane Zuma since he is the son of the President but I am not his personal friend. 

Skhosana: How long have you known them?

Mabuza: I have no special relationship with Gupta family. Like any other South African, I know that this is a family that is involved in various businesses in the country and abroad.

Skhosana: How frequent do you contact each other?

Mabuza: I don’t have any frequent contact with them.

Skhosana: In Mpumalanga the Guptas have mining business, what role did you play in securing them this deal?

Mabuza: I had absolutely no role to play in securing them mining business deals. As the member would know, mining is a national competency and has nothing to do with the province.

Skhosana: Would it be fair to you if the EFF can institute a private investigation to search your phone records with Petrus Ngomana and those of Duduzane Zuma and the Guptas to ascertain a link?

Mabuza:  We live in a country that respects the rule of law. There are designated institutions responsible for investigating any alleged wrong doing on the part of any individual, irrespective of rank or social standing. The EFF is a political party, and has no legal mandate to undertake investigations.

*These are oral questions answered by the Premier in the Mpumalanga provincial legislature on 15 August 2017.

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