VW plans to build electric cars


The German auto giant has already put aside billions of euros to begin manufacturing these cars that will assist in the war to do away with combustion engines.

Volkswagen plans to build electric versions of all 300 models of their 12 brands.

Billions of euros will be used by the worlds largest automotive manufacturer to buy the batteries needed to power the vehicles.

VW Polo TSI – R-Line. Pic VW

The company is shafting to produce electric cars in an attempt to meet tightening global environmental targets.

“We have got the message and we will deliver,” VW chief director Matthias Mueller reportedly told hundreds who attended an event organised by the car manufacturer this week.

“The transformation in our industry is unstoppable, ” he said.

“And we will lead that transformation,” said Muller.

He said VW will need the equivalent of at least four gigafactories to produce battery cells by 2025.

“Financially we’re very robust,” Mueller said in a Bloomberg TV interview.

“We’ll generate the money we need to make these investments,” he said.

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