SADMA to host concert for the disabled

ABLED: The association for disabled musicians says they are discovering a lot of talent among people living with disabilities and now want to showcase it. PICTURE Caxton

Pushed by the realities that music of disabled people is hardly played by mainstream media, Southern African Disabled Musicians Association is bringing disabled musicians to the Mpumalanga area.

The association says the concept will start on the Saturday morning of 23 September 2017 at the Barberton Town Hall.

This follows a talent search by the association over the past five years.

The disabled artists discovered in parts of Gauteng, KZN, North West, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga will now perform in these events which will go national soon after the Barberton one.

Artist Cwenga Nomnganga will also perform.

“This concert is to introduce the artists who we have recorded to be recognised and invited to perform at nationwide mainstream concerts and festivals,” SADMA chairperson John Mothupeng told Mpumalanga News

“Their music is hardly played on national and community radio stations,” he said.

“Their music videos, too, are never given a platform to be played on national TV, [so this] concert will definitely help these musicians gain confidence and self-pride when performing for big crowds.”

The association’s marketing director, Samuel Noge, said these concerts are part of marketing the discovered talents.

“We held a workshop about the music industry at the AME Church in Emjindini for people with disabilities on 28 June 2017 and we realised that there is unharnessed talent in the province,” he said.

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