SASCO’s warning to Mswati: ‘Stay away from us’

The student body says he always comes to the eMalahleni TUT campus in fancy cars to chase girls who are students while ‘destabilising’ the SASCO branch in the campus.

South African Student Congress said this after the beating of provincial leader Joseph Mhlolo, allegedly by “hooligans” sent by Mswati.

Now they say they want the regional Nkangala ANCYL leader, Mduduzi ‘Mswati’ Nkosi to stay away from their affairs.

Nkangala SASCO regional secretary Derick Mafiki said the assault of their provincial leader on 7 September 2017 had to do with Mswati’s bad influence on SASCO branch members in the TUT campus.

Mhlolo was trying to address a branch meeting at the campus on the 7 September evening when it erupted into chaos and he got beaten up.

“We warn him to stay far away from SASCO,” Mafiki said.

“He is forbidden to attend or address any of our gathering,” he said.

“Comrade Joseph is our chairperson and he is allowed to be invited by all branches without any form of intimidation and he shall never be stopped by this populist of the ANCYL called Mswati.

“We call upon the regional executive committee of the ANCYL in Nkangala region to speak to their clownish regional chairperson to stay away from affairs of SASCO , he was never a member of SASCO and he will never be a member of SASCO as he hates books but love girls,” Mafiki said in a statement.

“We have always availed our campuses for the ANCYL during elections but if the ANCYL through its regional chairperson continue with this mental disorder approach we will be forced to create a no go area in all our campuses for the ANCYL,” he said.

Mafiki said certain SASCO members at the eMalahleni TUT are being used by Mswati to benefit him personally.

He said they will deal with him going forward.

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But Mswati said he was shocked that SASCO was referring to their own TUT members as “hooligans” and “whether the TUT branch is made out of hooligans. I didn’t know that”.

“Did I ever address a SASCO meeting and call on members to attack the chairperson?

Was I there when he got attacked?” he asked over the phone.

“I want to warn them not to use a language that will end up chasing members away. It was difficult getting those members and I have always been asked to come assist them build the organisation and campaign for SRC elections.

“For the past 5 years we’ve been struggling to get the SRC presidency position but we came on board and assisted and look now they have a president,” Mswati said.

He said he will not stop engaging with SASCO branches as he will never “desert SASCO” because he is “not only leading the ANCYL but young people. If they ask me to come assist them [with resources] I come, I won’t desert SASCO”.

“Their statement is full of insults and personality cult, nothing intellect about it. I really don’t understand what they are saying or perhaps they are being used as we approach [ANCYL regional] congress but I wish to warn them to use language that unifies and not chase members away,” Mswati said.

He said the ANCYL has been more visible in eMalahleni TUT more than SASCO and it played a key role in winning the SRC elections.

“They are still young and we’ll mentor them. I just want to warn them to refrain from a language that will divide and chase members away,” said Mswati.

(edited by ZK)

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