‘I don’t think Mkhize is right leader, nor NDZ,’ Mabuza

He says in his view neither Nkosazana, Cyril nor Mkhize is the right candidate.

Mpumalanga ANC leader David Mabuza continues to keep South Africa in suspense ahead of the ANC’s 54th elective congress, preaching unity and not disclosing his favoured candidate for the ANC’s number one job.

He said he is ready to serve only if the ANC manages to find solutions to infightings. Without that he will not be available.

Mabuza was being interviewed by journalist Justice Malala on his Justice Factor show on eNCA this week Monday night.

He said he heard national treasurer Zweli Mkhize was also one of the leaders gunning for the ANC Presidency.

“I don’t think that at this point in time Zweli is the right person, Nkosazana is the right person, Cyril is the right person,” he said.

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“I’ll tell you why, we are divided. Find a way of uniting us and then all of us we will agree on a leader that we all think we’ll lead the organisation and we’ll support that leader,” Mabuza told Malala.

Mabuza is said to be someone who is hard at work, garnering support for him to serve as the compromise candidate for the position of president, nominated from the floor.

He had ignored calls by the NDZ camp endorsing him for the position of deputy president.

He told Malala that he believes as ANC they need “to reach a point where we reach a commitment and very soon we will reach that commitment”.

“It can’t be that all of a sudden you have five or six people who are availing themselves, that is a sign of disaster.

“I think if all of us can converge and say ‘we are supporting this leader’, we destroy the two factions, we merge leaders so that we come into one, I think that is the right step in the right direction,” Mabuza said.

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