List of restricted protesters displayed at Evander Gold Mine

List of restricted protesters displayed at Evander Gold Mine
The Evander Gold Mine has obtained a court order allowing it to bar members of the community concern group for mine land. PICTURE BY Ridgetimes.


The community is not giving the mine any peace over the issue of the empowerment of locals.

A list of protesters barred from entering the Evander Gold Mine near Secunda is attached on the gate.

The mine won a court order a week ago to have 30 members of a concerned community group forum restricted by law from mine land.

The forums in the area want the Evander Gold Mine to hire and prioritise locals in economic opportunities.

A group of businesspeople this week protested outside the gates of the mine, blocking the main road and almost putting production into halt, demanding management meets their demands of benefiting locals.

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Their protest at the mine comes after another to the Standerton Oil, where concerned groups also protested for economic opportunities.

Police were called to use rubber bullets to disperse the angry mob.

It is reported that in the past weeks, the Evander Gold Mine and the forums signed memorandums of understanding but now the forums feel the mine is not keeping up with its promise and have vowed to continue protesting until their demands are met.

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