Zuma condemns officer found with hijacked truck

The provincial commissioner condemned the man for putting the image of the South African Police Service in bad light.

Cops say the police Constable worked at the Pienaar police station and was found together with a friend in possession of a stolen truck.

Car trackers noticed the truck was now taking the wrong direction and called the White River Flying Squad who arrested them.

Cops rushed and found two men insidet the truck on the Sabie/White River Road near the Brondal, outside White River and one of the men was found to be a cop working in Pienaar.

Mpumalanga police commissioner Lieutenant-General Mondli Zuma says cops are bound to uphold the law by the oath of office they take.

“Any police officer found colluding with criminals will be identified, isolated and dealt with accordingly,” he said in a statement released on Tuesday night.

Sergeant Gerald Sedibe of the cops in the area says the 30-year-old cop and his accomplice, also 30, will appear in the White River Magistrates Court faving a charge of being in possession of a hijacked truck.

“An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances under which the truck was hijacked. A case of hijacking is also expected to be levelled against them after the probe is finalised,” he said.

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