Attack on Victor Mlotshwa was “inhumane, disgusting”, Judge

Attack on Victor Mlotshwa was
DISGUSTING, INHUMANE: Are the words Judge Mphahlele used to describe the actions committed by coffin assault racists, Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen during her handing down of sentence. PICTURE BY Masi Losi/Herald.

After receiving heavy sentences for the kidnapping, intimidation, attempted murder and assault of Mlotshwa, the two tried to appeal the sentences but the the High Court sitting in Middelburg  dismissed the application.

The Judge who presided over the sentencing of Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen at the Middelburg Magistrates Court has described as ” inhumane, disgusting” the attack on Victor Mlotshwa.

The two convicted men  were sentenced in the infamous coffin assault case on Friday morning, one of them getting 11 years and the other  14 years in prison.

Oosthuizen was actually sentenced to 16 years imprisonment, five of which is suspended for 8 years, which translates to the years he must spend in prison being 11 years.

Jackson got a 19-year jail term, with five years suspended, making the period he will stay in spend jail 14 years.

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The court dismissed their application to appeal the sentences, saying the matter is too serious.

Sentencing the men, Judge Sheila Mphahlele said the matter caused racial tensions and was disgusting.

“The evidence before this court indicates that the seriousness of the offence far outweighs the mitigating factors and the personal factors of the offenders,” Mphahlele said.

“The conduct of the accused fuelled social division and racial tension.”

They were arrested in November last year after a video clip in which they forced a crying Mlotshwa into a coffin went viral on social media, causing public outcry.

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