Kwa-Mhlanga police captain shot dead during robbery

Kwa-Mhlanga police captain shot dead during robbery
FILE IMAGE: A police captain was shot dead and another injured during a business robbery in Kwa-Mhlanga.

Another one, a Constable, is recovering in hospital.

A Kwa-Mhlanga cop died on Monday during a robbery at a fuel station in the area.

The Constable had been part of a team that was responding to the robbery at the Kwa-Mhlanga garage.

Police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said the incident happened at around 2am in the early hours Monday morning and involved ten armed robbers.

“It is alleged that a group of 10 armed males stormed into the filling station driving in a blue Polo VW GTI.

“They broke the main door and forced clients and employees into a staff room where they were held hostage under guard while firing rounds randomly at the scene.

“They then ordered the cashier to hand over all the cash on hand and made attempts to force open the drop in safe that was also inside the shop but failed.

“While busy inside, police arrived and a shoot-out ensued between the criminals and the police that led to the death of the Captain,” Hlathi said.

He said a Constable was also injured during the shoot-out with the men and was in a stable condition in hospital.

Cases of business robbery, murder, attempted murder, possession of explosives and unlicenced firearms have been opened.

Hlathi added the men ran away with guns belonging to the cops as well as money from the petrol station.

“The criminals fled the scene with three firearms which were robbed from the members and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Anyone with information should ca the cops on 082 318 9651, 013 947 4045 and 082 922 983.

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