NDZ speaks radical economic change

NDZ speaks radical economic change
RADICAL CHANGE: ANC presidential contender Nkosaza Dlamini-Zuma says Radical Economic Transformation is the only option for SA. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL/MLM.

She first emphasised the need for more and more people to get access to education, which will go hand and hand with economic freedom.

ANC presidential contender Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma wants the land back and also the economy to be shared.

She said when the ANC was formed in 1912 it was meant to be a vehicle to fight for change.

“We must open the economy of our country to our people because it’s not opened to our people,” she said.

“The first thing that you need to build the economy is the land,” she said, “and that’s why the ANC is saying the process of returning land should be quick”.

She said the process of getting the land has been quite slow and that now this needs to be sped up.

She spoke during a Mpumalanga ANCWL rally in KwaMhlanga over the weekend.

The rally, attended by the ANCYL and the ANC Mpumalanga leadership, was meant to spearhead Dlamini-Zuma’s campaign for the ANC presidency but also to send a signal to the world that Mpumalanga is actually behind NDZ.

She told the crowds at the KwaMhlanga stadium on Saturday that establishing manufacturing in South Africa was important.

"NDZ won't be afraid to speak her mind" 

“Here in Mpumalanga you have forests but do we manufacture furniture with those trees?” to which the crowd said no.

“Let’s not be the kind of country that take timber overseas. No. We must do it here,” she said.

She told the crowds that currently South Africa is taking its mineral resources from the mines to countries overseas. She said once overseas countries have got these resources they then use it to create jobs in manufacturing.

Dlamini-Zuma said by doing this, means “we take our mineral resources out of our country together with our jobs”.

“We say that must change,” she said.

She spoke for less than 10 minutes and when she began her speech, Dlamini-Zuma asked branches to ensure the upcoming congress is peaceful.

“We wish a successful conference, a conference of unity, peace and dignity and those who will not make it to leadership to accept and work with those who will be elected,” she said to applause.

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