Jub Jub: ‘Don’t do like I did this festive’

Jub Jub: 'Don't do like I did this festive'
BE WARNED: Paroled musician Jub Jub says people should beware of committing the same mistakes he did over the festive season. PICTURE BY Dispatch.

The musician is warning all those who will be out celebrating the festive season this December.

If you are a party-goer who drinks and drives at the same time, here is Jub Jub’s warning to you.

He is out on parole for the murder of four school children he killed in 2010 together with his friend Themba Tshabalala.

Jub Jub: 'Don't do like I did this festive'
Patron enjoy festivities at popular durban shisanyama, Eyadini.

He says there will be temptations over the festive season and there are those who will make the mistakes he made.

Jub Jub, real name Molemo Maarohanye, says be aware and don’t do like he did.

“We are going into a rough season and everyone is going to be in the firing line,” he told Zkhiphani this week

“There are going to be parties,” Molemo said.

“[And] there are going to be people who do the mistakes that I did,” he said.

“And there are going to be people who are going to get out of hand and I just want people to be safe out there and look after themselves,” he said.

The Protea Glen Magistrates Court found both Jub Jub and Tshabalala guilty of reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and the killing of four children as well as the attempted murder of others who were injured when the duo’s cars hit them in 2010. It sentenced them to a 20-year prison term.

But they went to the appeals court to have this sentence reviewed – the Supreme Court of Appeal reduced the sentence to 8 years in 2014 – ruling that theirs was not murder but culpable homicide, meaning that they didn’t kill the kids deliberately.

They were drag-racing when the Mini Coopers they were driving lost control and hit the school children.

Both were released on parole early this year.

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