32 selected DD Mabuza quotes

32 Selected DD Mabuza quotes

DD Mabuza quotes…

1.) Independent candidates contribute nothing to society except giving you a salary. People don’t understand. If I’m an independent, what difference am I going to make in the municipality. I’m an independent, I can’t control the budget, I can’t control anything. Nothing, except you getting a salary every month. That’s all. What else? You have deceived the people.

2.) Few people appeared saying I am mad. That is serious hatred. Others said ‘he is dead’ while I am alive.

3. If you can master the shenanigans, you can win.

4.) You media know now that the cat is back, leave Vusi Shongwe alone, I am ready to respond to your questions, but the only thing I won’t tell you is what made me sick. I will not tell you that.

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5.) I don’t agree with these voices that are saying the ANC has received a poor showing because of its president. The [2016 local government] elections were about electing people who will represent a community there.

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6.) We know that there are enemies, people who want to destroy the ANC, but we are not going to allow it. We defeated them and now they want to come back through the window, we will close the window.

7.) Don’t give the ANCYL money and tell it what to say. Don’t do it.

8.) When we were doing door-to-door campaign it was very difficult to sleep and when you’re coming to a family, a poor family, it was very difficult to say, ‘salani kahle’ (goodbye) when you leave, because when you look at them you don’t know where they are going to get their next meal, they are even shy to come and greet you, they think you see their poverty and most of these are young people and women and from all those families that we went to visit, if you asked them ‘who is working here’, they would say; ‘no one is working,’ and you asked, ‘now, how do you survive?’, they would say, ‘eish no, we are receiving a grant for this child’ and this grant is R200.

9.) It’s painful to hear a leader that I admired, a leader that I followed at a particular time, stabbing the ANC from behind.

10.) So, if you look at the margins and the amount given as a grant to build a house, an RDP house, Im thinking that if we can get our people to produce bricks. That is a government initiative, some to produce window frames, some to produce tiles, roofing and some to build, and all those people that are producing bricks we will pay them as government and buy the bricks from them and those that are producing door frames we buy door frames from them but these are initiatives of government, that we say, ‘go and produce bricks there’, because we are building 100 houses here, ‘go and produce frames there’, we are building here, et cetera and produce paving bricks because we want to pave this road and et cetera, and to involve our people.  Our people must participate, so that we get more of our people economically active, when we are building a school there, we should source bricks from our community, it should be. There’s a bank, we guaranteed we are going to buy bricks from you because we are building a school and that’s how really you can give work opportunities to community members. Not just to use them as labourers.

11.) The ANC encompasses all that is good, it’s only a leader at a particular time, so I’ll be happy if you confront me and say, ‘you must step down, you are not leading this ANC of ours in the right direction’. That’s a right approach. Not grandstanding and especially those of our leaders who were once part of the leadership of the movement, some of their statements are very reckless. Some of us we have learnt from them. We have followed them as leaders and we feel they are just being impatient, getting reckless and I don’t know why. I still expect them to do constructive criticism and work for the ANC because the ANC has made them what they are today.

12.) I’ve never seen something that has been started on the basis of anger succeeding. You can’t start a political party because you are angry. Probably you should wait a bit until that anger cools down and then you make a conscious decision.

13.) By educating people, you are saving a nation.

14.) We are going to save the ANC for the sake of generations to come. We will.

15.) What we are trying to do now is seeing the light of the day.

16.) The ANC is facing a difficult moment of its time.

17) We are not going to mess ourselves up because we want to satisfy a certain section, no. Let’s deal with our problems entirely and we have realised that there is a need for unity.

32 Selected DD Mabuza quotes

18.) If you say to the ANC, as an alliance partner, Jacob Zuma must step down, what do you want the ANC to do knowing very well that Jacob Zuma was elected by branches?

19.) I think we have not attended problems on time and these problems played themselves out in the open and they resulted into some of our people becoming unhappy with the ANC. But these short-comings cannot be ascribed to one leader, the President, we are all participants.

20.) From time to time we work for unity and we do that practically.

21.) All factions must understand that at any given time there will be one leader.

22.) We see an ANC that is gradually depleting itself.

23.) I am not willing to stand. Groupings are resulting in the demise of the ANC. Our contribution as Mpumalanga is about uniting the organisation.

24.) We have forgotten our duties as the ANC together with the alliance to mobilise society into our programs of transforming society, busy fighting one another. And this has affected the movement. If still we want to lead this country and transform society for the better we must understand that that requires a united revolutionary movement. That is the only instrument you can have to transform society, if you don’t have that instrument just forget, you can sing nice slogans but it will be the end of you.

25.) People who are fighting the President are not fighting the President but are fighting the ANC and we are prepared to defend the ANC by showing that we as Mpumalanga will remain the home of the ANC.

26.) Find a way of uniting us.

27.) No one anywhere can call for the head of the ANC president except for the branches.

28.) The biggest problem that we face is poverty.

29.) Today, five or six years down the line, people are saying I’m corrupt without proof… In the eyes of the people this is a corrupt leader. Now 2009, 2010, the very same people came with a story that I’m a killer, I killed people, I killed Jimmy Mohlala and I killed Sammy (Mpatlanyane). I’m sorry Pinky (Mpatlanyane) to talk about your husband… Well, I’m working with Pinky in the office, the wife of the person they said I have killed.

30.) We are working hard here on the ground to unite the ANC. They [secretary-general Gwede Mantashe and treasurer-general Zweli Mkhize) are working hard to divide it.

31.) My health got worse. There was a time when I couldn’t walk, talk or eat anything. The president [Zuma] paid me a visit and said he was going to find me good doctors. You see me today because of those doctors. I’m grateful to the president … he did all he could for me to get better.

32.) Let’s try that when we see that something is incorrect, correct it because no one will correct it for us. Here are other people who are leaving today in the ANC, so we can’t run away from a problem that we created ourselves.

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