Mathebula thanks Sgudla after shooting, says he’s a “father-figure”

He says nothing will stop him from “soldiering on” with PRET and that PRET remains his life.

PRET secretary Sunday Mathebula has returned to occupy the centre-stage, assuring members that he is alive and nothing will stop him from carrying out the mandate of PRET.

He told a press briefing at The Ridge Casino in eMalahleni this week Thursday afternoon that his attackers on the night of 8 December 2017 had wanted him to leave PRET when they were torturing him.

Mathebula said for 18 hours the men tortured him but could not succeed in forcing him to say “I quit PRET”.

He thanked co-leader and eMalahleni businessman Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla for the support he gave him while he was lying in hospital.

“I’m alive,” the secretary said during the briefing, “I’m a young person, I’m recouping very well, PRET is my life and I will soldier on”.

“No bullet-wounds will make me leave PRET,” he said.

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Sgudla and Mathebula, accompanied by members of the organisation’s top 5 as well as leaders from various sub regions, had booked the Ridge Casino boardroom in order to brief the media and outline their plans for the year 2018.

But without going into details about the shooting, Mathebula touched it briefly and said that he thanks God “first and foremost” for saving his life from it and “subsequently” Sgudla who had been there for him since the shooting occurred.

“The President [Sgudla] has been a father-figure to me and a guardian angel,” Mathebula said.

“He has been with me from day one in hospital and I’ve recovered.

“I promise to continue because part of the torturing was that they wanted me to commit that I would leave PRET and I want to retaliate that I’m going nowhere, they can come back if they want to. I’m ready,” he said.

He rejected an earlier rumour that on the Friday night of the 8 December 2017 he had a R2 million in cash with him and that that was the reason he was attacked.

“There was no R2 million in my car and I suspect there is R2 million in my bank account because the President [Sgudla] when we formed this organisation said that he wanted to create millionaires, including me and that is a matter that must be clarified,” he said.

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