MaBrrrr’s story to be told in coming movie

MaBrrrr's story to be told in coming movie
COMING BACK: Late Pop star Brenda 'MaBrrrr' Fassie's life will be shown in an upcoming movie. PICTURE By Pinterest.

The production of the movie will begin in February 2018 and set to be shown in cinema before 2018 ends.

The company tasked to produce the life story of the late South African Pop star Branda Fassie is looking for someone to fill her shoes though they have already found the “dream cast”.

Called ‘Brenda: The True Story’, it will be shot in Langa township in the Cape and in Johannesburg.

Showbizbee Film Productions has acquired the right to film MaBrerr and his son Bongani selected as co-producer.

“It was bound to happen at some point and now some point is right now,” the company said in a statement this week.

“Even though it’s open to anyone [to apply and act as Brenda], we can still dream. So here’s our dream cast for the film, Brenda Ngxoli (as Branda Fassie) – not only does she have similar features to MaBrrr, she has the same dynamic energy and everyone knows she can play anyone and anything. Thabo Rametsi (Bongani Fassie). He’s a versatile actor who’s really good at portraying emotion. Fana Mokoena (Nhlanhla Mbambo, ex-husband). He’s portrayed troubled characters very well in the past and could definitely pull this off.

“Tina Jaxa (Poppie Sihlahla (lover). She’s amazing at playing fiery characters and her chemistry with Brenda Ngxoli would be award-winning,” the company said.

Bongani said told Radio 702: “We will find someone who’ll match.

“There will be castings, and everyone will have their fair chance. It’s not just for Brenda’s role, but for [actors to play] the other people in her life as well. The whole cast will be South African,” he said.

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Known as “the Black Madonna” or “the Madonna of the Townships” and “Queen of African Pop”, Brenda was a very influential musician until her death at 40 on 9 May 2004.

She was born on 3 November 1964 at the Langa township and died at age of 40 on 9 May 2004.

Her father died in 1966 when she was only a 2-year-old girl. Assisted by her mother, a pianist, MaBrrr started earning money by singing for tourists.

Social Development campaign against gender based violence

At the age of 16 in 1981, she left Cape Town and went to live in Soweto to search for opportunities in order to become a musician and first joined the vocal group Joy, filling in for one of the group’s members who was on maternity leave and later she became the lead singer for Brenda and the Big Dudes.

She married fellow Big Dudes musician, Mbambo, in 1989 but divorced in 1991.

She was addicted to cocaine and her death was as a cause of drug overdose in May 2004.

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