Listeriosis affects 34 in Mpumalanga districts, 8 die

Listeriosis affects 34 in Mpumalanga districts, 8 die
DEADLY: The listeriosis bacteria has claimed the lives of at least 8 people in Mpumalanga since the outbreak began. PICTURE BY M&G.

Officials say they are on high alert and will do everything in their power to ensure world strategies are implemented against the bacteria.

The Mpumalanga health department has recorded at least 34 patients affected by Listeriosis.

15 of these were recorded in the Nkangala district, 17 in eHlanzeni and 2 in Gert Sibande.

The department on Monday this week said 8 of the 34 patients diagnosed with the dangerous bacteria have since died – 4 from eHlanzeni and the other 4 in Nkangala.

20 of the affected 34 patients are children below the age of 5 years and the 14 are elders above 61 years.

“Individuals can only get the disease after eating food contaminated with the bacteria in the form of raw vegetables, animal products like meat, chicken and pork,” departmental spokesman Dumisani Malamule said.

The disease can be prevented by:

1.) Using pasteurised daily products

2.) Thoroughly cook raw food, especially from animals

3.) Wash hands properly before preparing food

4.) Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly

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