Mabuza hails Zuma’s peace-building skills, says without it we’d be “a war-zone”

Mabuza hails Zuma's peace-building skills, says without it we'd be
THANKFUL: ANC deputy president DD Mabuza has hailed former president Jacob Zuma for his peace-building abilities. PICTURE BY Caxton News.

He delivered his State of the Province Address (Sopa), speaking job creation, unity and the forging of a better future for all.

ANC deputy president DD Mabuza has showered former leader Jacob Zuma with praises, saying without him South Africa was going to form part of the many failed states across the world.

Mabuza delivered the State of the Nation Address (Sopa) in his capacity as the Premier of Mpumalanga on Friday (23 Feb).

He described the period of transferring power from Zuma to current leader Cyril Ramaphosa as “a difficult period for all South Africans”.

Under pressure following an NEC decision recalling him, an emotional Zuma resigned on the night of 14 February 2018, saying the violence that occurred outside Luthuli House on 5 February 2018, where his supporters and those of Ramaphosa clashed, disturbed him.

He said he would not allow blood and ANC division to occur in his name.

Mabuza said Zuma played a very important role and was in the forefront in ending the political conflicts between the ANC and IFP of the early 1990s in KZN.

Of the transfer of power from Zuma to Ramaphosa, Mabuza said: “We need to appreciate that out of all the choices we could have made, collectively and individually, thepath we have chosen will lead us to a brighter future.

“These events and decisions we made are a demonstration of a maturing democracy andthe supremacy of democratic governance,” he said.

Mabuza told the legislature he salutes Zuma’s courage and his patriotic spirit “that prevailed on him to respond in the positive manner that he did”.

“He proved to all of us, that his personal circumstance and challenges he faced are subservient to the wishes of the ANC as a legitimate representative of the people,” Mabuza said.

Mabuza hails Zuma's peace-building skills, says without it we'd be "a war-zone"
Former President Jacob Zuma. PIC BBC.

“His selfless contribution in the struggle for our freedom, will remain ingrained in the history books of the revolutionary struggle against colonialism and oppression.

“We thank him for his service to our country. We are grateful for his peace-building skills that he had put to great use during the darkest period of our history. He was at the forefront in ending political conflict and violence that ravaged KwaZulu-Natal.


“Without his contribution, we could have easily become a permanent war-zone and a statistic on a list of failed states,” he said.

“We are confident that he will avail himself in the near future to the service of our country in various capacities,” said Mabuza.

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