Mathews Phosa won’t bring a good man down

GOOD MAN: DD Mabuza is a victim of his success against the very man who was his teacher, says the writer. PICTURE BY MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

The writer, also mentioned in allegations of assassinations of comrades in Mpumalanga, is asking that the public sees through the dirty tricks of the ‘Master,’ and put the matter to rest.


One has noted the Affidavit purported to be from Josh – a hitman, wherein my name appears in the damning allegations.

I know for a fact that it’s only those who have not been reading both the City Press and Sunday Times who are going to be surprised and scared by this document.

Mzilikazi Wa Afrika (Sunday Times journalist) first ran a series of stories in 2009 followed by Sizwe Sama Yende (City Press journalist) who did not stop with the articles in City Press but also went further to write a book EERIE ASSIGNMENT which also referred to the very [same] affidavit.

The rehash is nothing but a final kick of the desperate having failed to use a Protection Order against the current Deputy President of the ANC.


The only sin the Deputy President has done is to tread where others failed to tread – even with the use of the name of the former President and Stalwat Nelson Mandela.


Mathews Phosa won't bring a good man down
ANC heavyweight Mathews Phosa. PIC IOL.

1.) All this hell started when the Deputy President defeated the Master’s golden boy in an ANC provincial conference in 2008 to the throne of the chairperson of the province.

Realising that the Deputy President was to ascend to the position of the Premier, Josh was created to tarnish the name of the Deputy President so that he could not ascend to that position.

Stories were written to create that negative picture which included our names but when police investigated they only found involvement of the Master – nothing else.

2.) No affidavit can be certified by a Clerk of the Court, worse in the absence of the writer.

This circulating affidavit was rejected by the Police when James Nkambule forced them to certify it saying the writer is in hiding, the Police Commissioner thenLieutenant-General Thulani Ntombela, who is still alive today, had to be called in to maybe give a go-ahead but knowing the South African law Ntombela refused. Hence this affidavit remains a hearsay as it was not signed under oath in the presence of the writer and a Commissioner of Oaths.

3.) After the 2014 national elections before announcements of the Premier where the Deputy President was to get a second term, a document purporting him to be a Spy during Apartheid was circulated so that he doesn’t get that Premiership again. Again this document didn’t have an owner eventually like the very Josh affidavit, same modus operandi was used, the SPY DOCUMENT was urgently sent to the officials of the ANC in Luthuli House just before they were to sit and resolve on Premier candidates. Same Master.

4.) Furthermore, towards Nasrec conference in 2016, the corridors of Parliament and all ANC provincial offices copies of the book, Erie Assignment circulating, in particular pages of this affidavit, so as to sway support against the then chairperson of Mpumalanga – the current Deputy President. Still people were not to be fooled as the name was reverberating all over the country to the dislike of the Master.

5.) Realising that Mpumalanga under the then chairperson and through the Unity ticket was marching to conference being the second most powerful province after KZN in membership numbers, the Master appeared on national media making strange and unsubstantial allegations that the Unity votes were his.

He even took the Mpumalanga ANC to court. Eventually, his campaign could not see the light of the day as he ended up not being raised on the floor nor reach the required threshold through branch nominations. The Deputy President emerged in the very conference the Master failed to rise in.

6.) Having done all tricks in the book to stop the Deputy President from ascending to Luthuli House, the last battle left is to stop him from entering the Union Buildings. It started with MrFrederick Daniel,who is a business partner of the Master, putting a Protection Order against the Deputy President but truth is Mr. Daniel had never been next to the Deputy President nor talk over the phone. Guess what? The Master is the legal advisor of Mr Daniel and was even in the Carolina Magistrates Court to support him against the Deputy President.

Desperate people cannot even realise when they are exposed as long as their quest of achieving what they believe in is said to be on track. To prove that it was more of grandstanding than real court battle, even a TV show, the Carte Blanche, was invited to capture the moment but the Deputy President instead sent his lawyers and the show was not captured as their target was not there. Aim was to air the show before the Deputy President of the Republic was announced in order to influence the outcome against the ANC Deputy President.

7.) When an attitude translates into acrimonious relations, anything that bears propensity to destroy the target without reasoning is the lowest lying fruit for the repository of that hatred.

Case in point, just in the recent past, MKMVA members who came back from a funeral of one of their own, having taken some and others intoxicated as it’s known they shot indiscriminately in the air, after more than 12 months the Master laid his hands on the video.

Without confirming the date of the video, made weird allegations that the private army of the then chairperson of Mpumalanga – the Deputy President – was from BGMs in Ermelo where they were threatening people from nominating the Master. People of South Africa will remember that one, a lobbyist appeared to make allegations with the hope of catching attention of Luthuli House, the aim then was to force and put pressure on the ANC to withdraw candidacy of the chair on the Deputy President race.

8.) It is apparent to all in sundry that the Master has run out of new tricks and also failed in all tricks he employed. It is also public information that the new Deputy President will be announced and according to the Master it cannot be DD Mabuza. Having tried for 17 years to be DP of the ANC he cannot comprehend seeing the ANC DP achieving that in 3years, nail in the coffin being Union Buildings.

In the absence of tricks the 2010 Affidavit is rehashed to scare the ANC and the President away from the ANC Deputy President. It is his last hope that the President will through its influence not choose the ANC DP to be his Deputy President in Union Buildings.


Mathews Phosa won't bring a good man down

9.) The sooner the Master makes peace with himself and accept defeat the better. Finding peace in him will guarantee him longer life and a peaceful retirement. The sooner he realises that people are not fools the better.

The very James Nkambule he uses as an erstwhile hero today, engineered his downfall as a leader of the Youth League then, a second term became a pipe dream the little known Ndaweni Mahlangu was brought in as a Premier, the Master was not accorded that chance.

The systematic and concerted desperate efforts to destroy the name of the Deputy President has failed, the attention he tried to attract is always not succeeding, the Deputy President is marching to Union Buildings and he will remain an angry retiree with no peace and that is not good for his health.

10.) Names of comrades and some of us are being painted in black as a collateral and doesn’t sit well with some us. We are alleged to be serious and serial assassins all for the benefit of one individual . If we are really ethical and comradely before we drop names of people, dead or alive we will think of their families and associates, how they feel when those names are used to fight our selfish wars. It is only people who don’t have a heart, people who like criminals, their conscience has long evaporated, who can reach this level of acts in desperation.

Mpumalanga comrades must seek answers to the conduct of this veteran of the ANC, if he can’t provide them answers they must see through him and close the chapter about him. It is my firm belief that a victory for Mpumalanga ought to be celebrated by all and unite diverse views and attitudes behind this important epoch making milestone. But the Master views this as an adverse setback a threat to his existence which I don’t know how.

11.) A person who doesn’t keep his friends or corrodes his house from within, his attitude and conduct repelling them from his nucleus, who with rich credentials but always brewing trouble, needs to be rescued from himself so as to avert being dangerous to his own existence.

People of South Africa and members of the ANC wake up and smell the coffee, who has been at the centre of all the negativity against the Deputy President? Why are all his friends who are not desperate not with him? The current DP was in the media saying he is really agreeing that he is the Master’s boy but now has grown up, meaning the Master bears capacity to destroy his own projects and friends with impunity.

*Nkuna is the branch chairman of the ANC in Mbombela’s Ward 03 and the former member of the eHlanzeni ANC regional executive committee.